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Organisation Structure

Board of Management

Independent Chairperson
Prof Russell Mein

Collaborator Representatives
Mr Claude Cullino, Manningham City Council, Collaborator Representative
(Alternate, Mr Graham Rooney, Melbourne Water)
Ms Armineh Mardirossian, Landcom – NSW, Collaborator Representative
(Alternate, Ms Marianne Robertson, VicRoads)

Ecological Engineering Representatives
Dr Peter Breen
Mr Malcolm Eadie

Monash University Representatives
Assoc Prof Tim Fletcher
Prof Bill Young

Chief Executive Officer

Prof Tony Wong, Ecological Engineering (now AECOM)

Research Manager

Prof Ana Deletic, Monash University

Project Leaders

Assoc Prof Rebekah Brown, Monash University (Project 2)

Prof Ana Deletic, Monash University (Project 3)

Assoc Prof Tim Fletcher, Monash University (Project 1)

Mr Justin Lewis, Monash University (Project 4)

Business Manager

Mr John Molloy, Monash University

Research Program - Projects

 Project 1: Technology  Project 3: Design Tools
 Project 2: Policy and Organisational Receptivity  Project 4: Demonstation and Testing

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